Transcripts and Records

Our building is presently closed to ensure safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
The request and retrieval of transcripts and records have been modified during this COVID-19 Pandemic. As such, all transcript requests and payments must be via electronic method as described below.

Please submit the completed form and send by e-mail to Request form. When your order is placed, we’ll check that there are no holds or other open or pending items. Please remember that Graduates must have successfully fulfilled graduation requirements and in good standing.

Graduation Requirements:
A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of vocational training programs. The requirements for graduation are as follows:

  1. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is required by the end of training.
  2. Students must achieve a passing grade in each of the courses and must have completed all courses required in each respective program.
  3. Achievement of minimum competencies specified for each course/program. Among the competencies are minimum typing NWPM and/or ten-key keystrokes per hour, etc. (See Course Syllabi).
  4. An encumbered student is one who owes any money to NLEI. Encumbered students will not be permitted to graduate and will not be entitled to receive a certificate until their indebtedness has been paid. A student is financially obligated until their account with NLEI has been paid in full.

National Latino Education Institute
Records Office c/o
2011 W. Pershing Road Chicago, IL 60609

NLEI will mail transcripts to the address specified in the written request. Each NLEI graduate student is entitled to one free transcript if the student is in good standing. A fee of $5 will be charged for each additional set of transcripts. Electronic payments are accepted.

Please note that same-day in-person requests are no longer available during the COVID-19 Pandemic.( Previously: Students/alumni may also pick up transcripts in person. Same day in-person requests are $20.00 per transcript).

We have experienced a high volume of transcript requests and are responding to those requests fulfilling the procedure and in the order in which the request was received.

Limited Office Hours will be available by appointment only following the social distance guidelines in late September.

Thank you for your review of the modified COVID-19 transcript request and retrieval. All other remains the same.